Did that time in the relationship finally happened? The moment when your boyfriend got down on his knee and put… a bracelet in your arm! 😍

Yes, maybe you were expecting to receive something smaller in one of your fingers… but this time, we want to share with you what does it mean if your boyfriend gives you a bracelet.

When your guy gives you cute jewelry as a bracelet, could mean a lot of things; maybe it’s because he wanted to have a special present for his girl; or its represent the bond between the two of you and it’s proof of what he feels about you; another reason could be that he gave it to you as a remembrance of him so that even if he is not around, you will have something to remind you of his feelings for you.

But as we did in our previous post, what does it mean if your girl gives you a bracelet, we dived-in into the internet looking for the reasons people says about a boyfriend giving a bracelet, so, let’s begin with the 5 most relevant statements we found:

  1. It usually means he is committed.

When a guy buys a woman jewelry, and in it for the long haul

  1. It depends on the type of bracelet.

From a simple friendship gesture to a stylish diamond-encrusted bracelet could be a sign of being someone special to him.

  1. He is willing to take it to the next level.

I mean, guys don’t give bracelets to every girl, so it’s probably means something.

  1. Possession

For him, it might be like saying you’re his girl and nobody else can have you. He is showing everybody else and you, that you are his girlfriend and he likes you.

  1. To have a special detail out of confusion

It’s nothing too formal as a ring, but it special enough to give it to his loved one.


Now is your turn in the discussion, have you already received a bracelet from your boyfriend?
Tell us what kind of bracelet it was☺️

Leave us a comment in the box down below and tell us which one of
the previous statements seem legit to you ⬇

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