DOUBLE BONE! The missing piece to complete your look…

Double Bone set your fashion trend! Our fresh jewelry, with luxury finish, will make you transcend frontiers when you wear them. Our variety of models and combinations adapt to every taste in fashion, since we have come to set trend even on the hottest celebrities.

When you start your day, the first thing that you ask yourself is: Which will be my outfit for today? (#OTTD), you may prefer a sporty look, or maybe a casual look or even a formal and elegant look; but surely, you will always want to get that exclusive touch, and this can only be achieved by using our bracelets, authentic and on fleek, just like you.

Celebrities are already using our accessories. Our Double Bone bracelets are a must on J Balvin’s outfit, for instance. José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, AKA J Balvin, is a Colombian reggaeton and urban music singer, composer and producer, who couldn’t wait to show off his liking for our brand’s designs on social media; from then on they are a must in his look.

We handle words like Style and Elegance, along with High Quality in our jewels; these are our key to make you feel as a high social standard kind of person. The combination between your outfit and our bracelets will be the perfect hook for a perfect look.

Double Skull, Double Stingray, Python Nail and Single Stingray, are a few of our offered bracelet designs and models for both ladies and gentlemen. As fashion trend-setters, we know these will give you the confidence touch that will help you set a different and exclusive look.

Any occasion is good to wear Double Bone, a working morning, an afternoon at the movies, a formal gathering, a meeting with friends or even a J Balvin concert. Using our bracelets you will feel confident and sure of your surroundings, with them you can’t go wrong.

Check out our website or our Instagram @doublebonebracelets and join us on an unique experience!

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