How to take care of your jewelry


Everybody loves jewelry, right? But not everybody knows how to take the proper care of it. Today we’re going to show you the ULTIMATE GUIDE TO NOT MESS IT UP.



First, you need to know that there are different materials, and so, different cares for each one of it. We’ll show you all the techniques to care your Men and Women Double Bone Bracelets, including Stingray Leather and Sterling Silver 925. 





All your bracelets should be always properly stored to prevent knockings, chemicals contact, extreme temperatures and or sunlight.
Okay, let’s begin!



Good care for your stingray leather bracelet includes lightly cleaning it every few days or after been exposed to a large amount of dirt.

But, how to properly clean it?

Okay, to do it, we recommend you to use a soft, barely dampened cloth and wipe the stingray softly across its surface.

In the other hand, stingray leather is fire and water resistant, that means that can handle greater amounts of water exposure than most other leather forms. Still, it’s very important to let it dry properly when it wets wet, especially if it gets soaked under rainfall or dropped in a puddle.

And of course, when you’re not wearing it, keep it stored in its case provided to you at the moment of the purchase.



If your weekend plans include a pool party or just relaxing by the pool/jacuzzi/sauna, leave your bracelets at a safe place, since the chlorine, detergents or oils can damage the silver plating.

In case you exposed your jewelry into water, dry thoroughly to avoid tarnishing and weaken springs, clasps and chains.

Spray your perfume or use your lotion before wearing your bracelet, this ancient technique had helped to all women for generations to prevent tarnishing of their sterling silver 925 jewelry.



Yeap, now you know how to do it, with this very easy guide, you will be able to not mess it up, speaking about taking care of your jewelry, of course.

We hope this information helps you taking good care of you Double Bone Bracelets, and in case you have any question or want to summit another reco,
leave it down in the comments, we’ll be very thankful and happy to read from you

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