Hand-cuff Double Bone Bracelet

Have you ever wished keeping something forever? Well, we have a surprise for you, the new Hand-cuff bracelet is now available with a new meaning.

Keep close to your partner in crime, your confident or your beloved one with these meaningful collections.

The moment you bring your friend one of these, it set a whole new meaning to your relationship. It is the perfect present to give to your friends in anniversaries or special moments over the year.


or 4 installments of $31.25 by Afterpay


or 4 installments of $31.25 by Afterpay

We created the hand-cuff bracelet line-up in 16 different combinations, all with details made of 18K Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White gold and Black PVD and premium polyester-nylon cord.

The materials used in the collections are known for its durability and hypoallergenic properties so be sure it will a perfect add-on to your wrist.

Handcuffs symbolize many things from imprisonment to counterculture. Handcuff jewelry is commonly associated with expressions of strength, anti-establishment, isolation or sexual creativity. It some instances, it can symbolize a committed couple if they both wear handcuff symbols. The jewelry can mean different things to each wearer.


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