Girls can also be fashionable with Double Bone!

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Girls can also be fashionable with DoubleBone!

Women are always in a constant search for looks and outfits to be fashionable. Buying magazine, visiting websites, following celebrities social media profiles, but looking good is simpler than you think, therefore Double Bone offers you 10 tips for looking radiant.

The latest trends are striking; you only have to adopt them to your personality and lifestyle. With the following pieces of advice you can look like a true top model:

1. Go through your wardrobe and classify all the clothes that you have, at first is always a necessity to have a dressing style that goes with your personality. Don’t discard anything from the closet, the piece that you think today that you will not make the best off will surely come handy in the future when you could use it to match it with an outfit for any other occasion.

2. The ladies, with their different looks, always use black as their base color. Is a great color, it never goes out of style, you can combine it easily, is elegant, and although is recommended to spark it up with bright colors and Double Bone pieces that are just right for the occasion.

3. When you are using accessories you have to be careful when matching them, to not look overdone. With a sporty style, you may wear a cap; the purses are a detail that you should always know how and when to use them, depending on the activities that you have planned for the day. The bracelets, watches, and necklaces are garments that women always wear, and Double Bone creates them for you so you can make the difference with style and elegance.

4. The clothes with any type of print have to be matched with precaution. Remember that the print will be seen and even more if is colorful, so if you wear them in a blouse, for example, try to balance it with neutral colors in the pants and the accessories or vice versa. Also, when we speak of prints, we are referring to animal print too, one that is actually very in vogue.

5. Wearing jeans of any color will always get you out of troubles and it will make you feel comfortable and, depending how do you set your look of the day, can be formal or casual. This is a piece of clothing that you should always have in your closet. A pair of jeans, a blouse, a great purse and set of Double Bone accessories will make an amazing look for your day.

6. The shoes are no less important when you’re trying to wear any style. The best advice is to choose them depending on your activities for the day. If you’re going to the gym or any kind of exercise, pick a pair of sneakers. High heels and boots in their many models are particular to combine with what you’re going to wear if it’s a skirt or pants.

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