Double Bone is style and personality

Your style and personality is what will set the difference when you show off any garment of accessory you wear. Double Bone bracelets is here to help you define the outfits you truly identify yourself with and are essential at the moment you choose your ensemble.

We are a brand created in November 2015 in Miami, Florida; with the idea of revolutionizing the world of accessories, in our case bracelets and jewelry for men and women, refreshing the way you dress in order to make you feel like a star. Double Bone is an innovative concept that offers fashion and luxurious accessories that will give a unique and inimitable style.   We respect your personality at all times, both ladies and gentlemen, but our style will help you feel free and authentic.

For this reason, Double Bone is made up of a team of experts in charge of the production process, sales, distribution, marketing and advertising. We are allies of other companies with whom we carry out the production of our bracelets.   Double Bone has been on the market for over 7 months to ensure, both your style and your clothes, an image with power and influence. The idea upon its creation came from the initiative of a qualified group comprised by a specialist in production and manufacture of goods, a specialist in the area of marketing, designer to adapt these bracelets to the environment where you unwind, always with a style that makes the difference!   The inspiration for our designs comes from different places. The statement of the accessories really given by the Skull or cranium, which has always been the symbol with which we identify ourselves for various reasons, so we decided to use it in different ways on some of our bracelets.

We are always in constant innovation; our bracelets carry specific names based on each design. For this season we present new designs such as the Multi Skull, Skull Single redesigned. Also new models in our line Sting Double, Double Skull, Multi Beads and Single Beads.   Your image is a reflection of what you wear for any occasion. Double Bone is on the market to balance, with our bracelets, the way you dress and your personality. Discover new elements in your outfits and get the confidence that you need to Double Bone.

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