Double Bone defines your Statement

Double Bone defines your Statement

Being fashionable is something that has come down from generation to generation. Currently there are new fashion trends that have traces of looks that for years people have used in the way they dress.

How does Double Bone define your statement? When choosing your outfit, you need to complement it with something flashy, like Double Bone and its many different male and female bracelets, which perfectly identify with your style and personality.

Being authentic is the best way to get along with yourself and your personality, and at Double Bone we are not just a brand, we are the complement that you need in your daily attire. Our bracelets are unique and exclusive, the use of the skull is a touch that will definitely inject power and relevance to the way you dress.
It need not be a specific opportunity to use your accessories Double Bone, you can add them to your outfit whenever you want without any problem and give that unique touch you will not get with any other accessory, unlike the one we offer in Double Bone.

We are a brand that has articles of apparel and innovative accessories, we make new and original models for all men and women. At the moment you use Double Bone you will feel really comfortable and fashionable.

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