Double Bone, an authentic male alternative

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Double Bone, an authentic male alternative

Dressing well will give you an excellent presence and you will feel more confident and attractive for any situation that you may have to deal with. Our dressing ways are, generally, our introduction letter to the world. Is the first impression that we will give when we arrive at any place.

In this opportunity, Double Bone bracelets offer you ten great tips that will definitely give your outfit, an authentic and elegant style:

1. You must define your personal style before choosing clothes and accessories. Dress for the occasion or the activities that you’ll be doing during the day or even the night, picking an attire and bracelet that will help you project your image.

2. You must take your body type into consideration with the clothing you already have and anything new that you’ll want to buy. Is really helpful to use the proper fit to your body, because there’re lots of fashion trends but they won´t necessarily suit you well, so it’s better if you pick a style and discarding anything that may feel uncomfortable.

3. You have to consider your skin tonality when it’s time to choose the colors of your clothes and the accessories and this will make you look flawless. Using colors like white, black, red, blue, and green will always help you find matches that will fit your personality and style.

4. In your outfit, accessories are not less important. In some occasions, they are the key pieces that will highlight the outfit that you have chosen. Double Bone is the better option in bracelets that accompany any type of outfit, whether is casual, informal or elegant.

5. When you’re buying clothes or choosing something from your closet, remember to feel self-confident. Clothing and accessories are not a hiding place, au contraire, if you choose the right one, it will simply be a reflection of who you are.

6. In the male attire, shoes are an important piece when you are wearing any style. There are athletic, casual or formal. The key is to use them with the right clothes in the proper time.

7. A key for developing a good style is to feel happy with how you look with your clothes, as well as the accessories. You can use whatever you want during the day or night but what will make it different and unique from the rest is what we offer in Double Bone, matching our bracelets with your outfit and personality.

8. We recommend a firm and proper posture to the gentlemen. Sometimes you are wearing the right clothes but your posture is not making it look its best. Avoid a bad posture that could make you feel shy and insecure.

9. When you use caps, hats, suspenders and ties, make sure that you’re combining them with the right outfit. A sporty style can be matched with cap, on a more casual one a pair of suspenders will look great and a tie is a major detail when going for a formal look.

10. All of these tips will help you greatly when it’s time to look good but if you want to really look authentic, fashionable and stand out wherever you go, you must complement your outfit with the bracelets that only Double Bone can offer. And remember that Double Bone is the best alternative in bracelets for man.

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