5 Reasons Why you Need Unisex Bracelets in your Wardrobe

Forget about men’s bracelets and women’s bracelet because it’s all about unisex accessories designed for everyone. While we don’t have a unisex collection per se, you’ll see that a lot of our luxury bracelets and accessories are styled for men and women from all walks of life. Some are more feminine, others are more masculine but none of […]

A guide to perfectly combine a bracelet with your watch

Double bone bracelet with Roman Jerome Belle & Ross HYT watch

A watch brings you class, but a bracelet brings you an attitude. Anyone breaking that rules will run a risk of becoming overwhelming and overly dressed. But in reality, watches and bracelets together can give a powerful effect on your style and self-expression. Here are some ways to soundly combine the two. 1. GO FOR […]

Girls can also be fashionable with Double Bone!

Luxury Bracelets

Girls can also be fashionable with DoubleBone! Women are always in a constant search for looks and outfits to be fashionable. Buying magazine, visiting websites, following celebrities social media profiles, but looking good is simpler than you think, therefore Double Bone offers you 10 tips for looking radiant. The latest trends are striking; you only have […]