Become a protagonist wearing Double Bone

The key for a great closet is not the clothes but the accessories. Double Bone offers you that style of bracelets for men and women – that will suit the outfit that you want to wear just right and will make you shine anywhere you go.
At times, it will be difficult to choose an accessory when you’re shopping. You can find watches, purses, earrings, caps and wallets, but Are you sure that that’s what you’re looking for? The Double Bone bracelets are made exclusively for you, to enhance your personality.

Breaking the routine is interesting, highlighting something from your attire even more. Double Bone has the best and more authentic designs that you definitely have to wear, and for that, we dedicate ourselves to perfecting every detail when we’re making our pieces.

You’ll know how to differentiate our bracelets from others for many things: The design, the finishing, and the material that we use, which is 100% genuine leather. The main feature in many of our products is the usage of the skull, one that your need to make a statement, suggesting a touch of style, luxury, and authenticity.

From some time, the public of both genders has been daring to use Double Bone accessories, because these pieces really adapt easily to a different style. The gentlemen, they tend to wear these bracelets a lot, and even matching them with their watch choice for the day. In the other hand, the ladies frequently use a higher number of bracelets and to combine several models and colors to achieve a perfect outfit!

​If you really want to be a true protagonist, you definitely have to wear Double Bone. We’ll always have the best and most innovative accessories that will make you feel like a rock star!

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