Jack Sheero
Jack Sheero

Dear Double Bone family,

I’m Jack Sheero, the owner and CEO of Double Bone, and I’m writing to you because I’ve been feeling the need to express myself, through this difficult and hard time that we all are living during this year.

As everybody knows, 2020 has been a challenging year, redefining the limits of everyone on this earth, and it’s up to us to face it and embrace it, with the most strong and right attitude that leads us to success.

That’s why I wanted to ask you something…
What’s the meaning of hope to you?

For me, hope is the feeling that keeps us alive, the reason to not give up, and the motivation to keep walking forward to whatever is next, because we know it is certainly better than here and now.

For us at Double Bone, hope is the strength to keep us doing what we love, it’s the vision to a better and healthy world, and thanks to you, hope is the reason to be in constant improvement to always give you nothing but the best.

As a manifesto of this entirely feeling, our Double Bone team has created a brand-new bracelet design that reminds us to NEVER LOSE HOPE.

Never lose hope… if you’re facing a difficult time. Better times are near to arrive.

Never lose hope… if all you see is darkness. The darkest moment is just before dawn.

Never lose hope… because is the last thing you can allow yourself to do.


The NLH bracelet is the perfect add-on detail to remind ourselves or to a beloved one to keep up the hope.

As all of our creations, is handcrafted with 18K White, Yellow, Rose Gold plating or BLACK PVD, cubes letters, and durable premium polyester cord.

Available and 4 different sizes and in a variety of color combinations to find the best fit for you.

Buy it!
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