Cancer doesn’t only affect the patient, its affect to all their family. Maybe you have a family member who’s struggling through the sickness and doesn’t know what to do.

In this blog post, we have compiled some advice for you to be as supportive as possible when a beloved family member is diagnosed with cancer.

1.   Listen

This is often a challenge when a loved one faces a life-threatening diagnosis. Try to listen without judging and without “cheerleading.” Your ability to sit with your loved one as they share those feelings is probably one of the most significant contributions you can make to your loved one’s well-being.

2.   Support the treatment decisions of your family member

While you may be in a position to share decision-making, ultimately it is your loved one’s body and spirit that bears the impact of cancer.

3.   Stay connected

Cancer treatment can be lengthy, and the cancer journey continues past the last day of treatment. People with cancer often note that friends and family “don’t call anymore” after the initial crisis of diagnosis. Checking in regularly over the long haul is both tremendously helpful and very meaningful for the person living with cancer.

4.   Keep things normal

Often, we try to make life easier for the person going through cancer by “doing things” for them. It is a way of feeling useful at a time when we would otherwise feel helpless. However, it’s just as important to respect your loved one’s wishes to do normal “pre-cancer” tasks. For some people, being able to do things like cook dinner or continue working can lessen the sense that cancer is taking over their lives. Your loved one may not want to discuss their cancer and it might be helpful to make conversation that doesn’t involve their diagnosis.

5.   Be there

Think about how you’ve helped each other feel better during a difficult time in the past. This could be something as simple as sitting with your loved one during treatments. Do whatever works for you both, and don’t be afraid to try something new.

Source of information: https://www.cancercare.org/

6.   Educate yourself about cancer

You can have detailed information about breast cancer treatments, causes, diagnosis, myths, and other related topics on the website of The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.

Visit this link and go directly to their “About” section to learn proactively more about breast health. 


Is in our hands, literally, to prevent breast cancer in ourself, or to help others who are fighting for their life. If you know someone in this condition, don’t doubt to offer help or just simply be there, many times that’s all they need.

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