You certainly already have an idea of the gift you are going to share in this season, now is the moment to wrap it up and give a special look to enhance its look under the tree.


If the Santa’s helpers aren’t going to be by your side in this season, here we share to you 6 Christmas wrapping ideas to help you get through it.

We divided into 3 categories; each one depends on the size of your gift so you can choose the one that fits you better. 


Minimal and greens

The smallest presents always stand up with their details and minimalistic looks. This option is for the ones who want to combine a natural and clean wrapping with some splash of color.


For that look, we recommend including a pine tree branch tied up with some natural cord. Also, you can add a tag with the name of the person you are going to give it and so have a personalized wrapped Xmas gift.




Minimal and shinning

This other option is pretty similar to the past one, but in here we add some shine and golden details to make it even better.

For this you are going to need wrapping paper, a can of spray paint and some natural plants and cords.


First, make sure to spray all over the plants with the golden paint, let it rest to dry well and then wrap your gift with some neutral color papers, or in case you want to add extra shine, use some metallic papers to give a strong look. Tied up very firmly with the painted plants and you will have a minimal but shinning wrapped holiday gift.




Photography wrapping



In case your gift is medium sized, this option is going to be awesome. You can print a black and white picture of a significant moment with your special one, and place it on the front of your gift. This without a doubt will be a nice touch and will be a memorable moment in this sharing and caring season.





Brown bags wrapping



In the cases where the gift is bigger than the box you are planning to wrap, the bags are the salvation. This easy customizable packaging will look nice with some pine details and of course, the name of the person you are giving.

Have into consideration the weight of the present, cause if it is too heavy, bags must not be an optimal option, for exchange, this works perfectly with large pieces of cloths and related.








For the ones who consider having good calligraphy, this is for you!

This blackboard inspired gift wrapping idea, consist of having some black matte paper and white chalk to use it as a board and leave a cute message to your special person.

You can also include some details related to the holidays and use some pine tree branches to enhance the letters into the gift.




Cute card



It doesn’t matter so much the size of your gift; this option will look incredible even in a large one.

In here we replace the traditional gift bow, with a personalized cute card with your wishes and the name of the receiver, this could include some motivational phrases to inspire the new year of the person you appreciate the most.





We really hope these ideas help you to take those
xmas gifts to a whole new level!

If you haven’t find the right present for him or her, or maybe both of you,
you can visit our section with some gift ideas for this season just by clicking down here ⬇




Leave a comment in the box below with your favorite one and
tell us which one are you going to wrap this year!


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