3 things you want to know about Stingray Leather

This time we want to share with you 3 curiosities about stingray leather that you may want to know, nothing more to say, let’s begin!

Is stingray leather legal?

Stingray leather is not produced here in the USA, we hand-picked and imported it directly from Thailand. You must know that stingray is not an endangered especies, in fact, in South Asia is consumed as a typical meal. What we do is purchase the skin in order to give an amazing use and create our genuine stingray leather Double Bone’s bracelets. 


Is stingray leather durable?

Yes, sure it is! Stingray is very known as one of the most durable skins.

Due to its calcium bubbles that covers the entire skin, and its multi-directional fibers, improves the durability in cases like scratches, punctures and also tearing; contrary to fibers thar run in a unique direction that are more susceptible to frequently wear and tear apart.


Is stingray leather waterproof?

As a leather originating from the sea, stingray leather is a natural water-resistant material. It means that this type of skin does not stain easily and requires less extra money for additional cleaners.

In our care-guide for you double bone’s bracelets, you can have more information about the cleaning tips for your stingray leather in case your bracelets have water contact.


If there is another thing you want to know about stingray leather, feel free to leave a comment and we will respond you in the next articles. See ya!


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